Premium - Smart awnings

The Premium and Smart awning are designed with smart, modern and simple lines, having structures made of anodized aluminum, its white surface (painted electrostatic) is quite neutral in order to be used in combinations with any other architectonic element.

Balcon awnings

The Balcon awnings are fix armed shading systems, intended for small window openings - windows, storefronts, small balconies. The stiff arms, with pre-tensioned joints, hold the canvas stretched and allows it to stop in intermediate position, in order to obtain an ideal shade-sun ratio.

Premium Box awnings

Premium Box awning - a shading system with tensioned joint arms and extra protection due to the aluminum case in which the awning is retracted.

Solar awnings

The Solar awning is a well-known shading system, classical type, with joint arms, ideal for big surface shading.

Veranda awnings

The winter garden shading systems are special designed for installing and using them in these conditions: mounted on glass roofs, beam structures, summer gardens, porches or balconies - where is an appropriate sustaining structure, that can provide sustain for the longitudinal guiding rails, and with the use of a aluminum case the rolled canvas is protected during the winter.

Zen awnings

The Zen awnings are intended for gardens and patios, with high wind resistance, with an easy and efficient operation, it is a special shading system, that gives a special appearance the location.

Standard wind walls

The wind walls are transparent and vertical systems, designed to protect mainly from the wind, offering comfort and protection in almost any conditions. The material is made of transparent polymer, with a 90% visibility and UV protection treatment. It has multiple benefits: it does not block the view and lets the sun to penetrate, thus creates a pleasant, warm and wind-proof environment.

Kepeer wind walls

They are intended especially for terraces, gardens, but can also be used on flat balconies. They are very simple systems, using resistant materials, thus they can be used in any season.

Outdoor shading system operators

The outdoor shading systems operators are such technical solutions, that make the use of rolling shutters, awnings, facade blinds more comfortable, thus they increase their efficiency and security. The main components of these systems are:
  • electronic motors
  • commands
  • sensors and automation elements

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