Garage doors

Industrial sectional doors

Industrial sectional doors

High-speed doors

High speed doors - Hörmann

Rolling shutters and grilles

Rolling shutters and grilles - Hörmann

Sliding fire doors

Sliding fire doors - Hörmann

Dock levellers

Dock levelers - Hörmann

Shelters and seals

Shelters and seals - Hörmann

Garage door operators

Given their position and utility, the garage doors are main factors in creating am ergonomic and comfortable space in the house. The recommended electrical operation - aimed at enhancing safety and handling of these doors - is a system developed exclusively for residential use, with all the specific characteristics of the domain.
This leads to space and energy savings, it is reliable, user friendly, provides environment-specific functions, it has discreet appearance and operation.

Swing- and sliding gates operators

Being permanently in the open, exposed to the vagaries of weather, required to operate day and night, the swing- and sliding gates operators are devices with extreme robustness and reliability.
Generally mounted on the entrance gates are in plain sight, thus this requires the need of an eye-pleasing appearance that is maintained throughout their lifetime. They can be mounted in various configurations for different needs - numerous automation solutions and a wide range of accessories and sensors are available.

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