Interior shading systems

The venetian blinds made of aluminum are shading systems made of horizontal aluminum slats, that offers protection against the solar rays, the intensity of light is regulated by rotating the slats or through raising them partially or total. Through the diversity of colors the venetian blinds became an accessory of the room, enhancing its atmosphere.

The venetian blinds made of wood add a rustic appearance to the room, creating an intimate atmosphere. The aluminum carrier can be covered with a wood profile with a similar shade to the slats, thus it is obtained an overall aesthetic image.

The width of the aluminum slats ca be of 16 or 25 mm, and 25 and 50 in case of the wood venetian blind slats.

The classic version of the vertical blinds have flexible constructive variants, they can be moved in different directions, from side to side, from central to side, or from side to central. The textiles and their colors have a huge variation. Through the combination of different colors, the vertical blinds can be used in any location, whether it is a child room, an elegant office or a storage room. The width of the stripes can vary between 89 and 127 mm, thus it can be adapted to any location, according to the needs.
The amount of shade can be adjusted by rotating the stripes, it provides not only solar protection, but also assures intimacy to your home or office. This rotation is made very easy due to the high quality components, and these components make this system a highly reliable one.

The Spaghetti vertical blinds are the ideal combination of style, elegance and practicability.
Given their small 89 mm width stripes, made of separate 3 mm threads, they take up very small amount of space in front of the window. The manual operation of these is the same as the classic version of vertical blinds', using ball strings, but these do not have counterweight and spacers, thus the lenght of the Spaghetti vertical blind can be modified as needed. This gives us a great flexibility regarding the fitting and the location of the the fitting.

Vertical blinds are also a very efficient way of shading big glass surfaces with minimal costs

Rollers blinds are an efficient solution to shade our living space and in the same time to give it a special atmosphere, using different colors and types of textiles, the sun rays being filtered in a natural and pleasant way. The roller blinds can be used any time of the day and they are suitable for home and business offices too.
In order to fulfill all necessities, Zsozo Srl manufactures different type of roller blinds, with aluminum shafts (A17, A25), with different console sizes, operated by ball chord or withdrawal spring. Special types are designed for roof windows, oblique and swing windows. There is also a special type of roller blind, equipped with upper case and guide rails at the sides, which creates total shading, ideal for projection rooms, conference rooms.
The textile materials are of a wide variety, translucent textiles, obturated textiles or from nature collections. The different types and colors also act as decorative items.
Many types offer the possibility to print on them, thus the roller blinds act as publicity banners, very common in public spaces.

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