Outdoor shading systems

The Balcon awning is an easy and cheap awning, with adaptability to multiple locations, whether we are talking about flat balconies or hut porches. The arms are made of  extruded aluminum profiles, highly resistant to wind.
This awning has an easy configuration, with two stiff, curved arms with relatively small opening - 900 – 1100 – 1300 – 1500 mm and 5000 mm width. The variable angle of the opening allows to be fixed in different positions, that offers ideal shade through the whole day.

The Premium awnings is designed for residential use, using two joint arms, alows opening up to 6000 mm width and 3500 mm length.
The maximum sizes are design to resist winds of 28 km/h according to EN-13561-2004 Class 1, but smaller opening allow them to resist winds up to 49 km/h – Class 3. The wall consoles can be fixed in vertical or horizontal position and the canvas' tilt angle is adjustable between 0-85 degrees from horizontal, by positioning the console arms in the desired position.

The Smart awnings can have a maximum length of 2500 mm, and the maximum structure width of 4000 mm using arms up to 2500mm, and the maximum structure width of 5000 mm using arms up to 2000mm. The structure is specially designed for these dimensions, thus results a cost effective shading system.

Both awnings can be mounted in a tent shape, on an independent steel structure, with canvas openings on both sides. There is a possibility to mount an aluminum protective roof, to protect the folded canvas - especially during the winter.
The Premium Box awning is separated from other joint armed awnings by the use of a aluminum case, in which the arms and the canvas is withdrawn in closed position.The primary profile is the cover of the case, that moves forward as the awning opens. This type of awning opens up to 3000 mm and can have a maximum 6000 mm width. In maximum dimensions the calculated wind resistance is 38 km/h – Class 2.
The awning can be mounted vertical and horizontal, and the tilt of the canvas can vary between 3 an 76ş.

The Solar awning is a classical type awning, with tensioned arms, with openings of 1500 - 2000 - 2500 - 3000 or 3500 mm, it can have a maximum width of 9000 mm and it is intended for both residential and service sector - restaurants, shops, terraces, etc. The wall consoles can be fixed in vertical or horizontal position and the canvas' tilt angle is adjustable between 0-80 degrees from horizontal.
The awnings can also be mounted in a tent shape, on an independent steel structure, with canvas openings on both sides. There is a possibility to mount an aluminum protective roof, to protect the folded canvas - especially during the winter.

The wintergarden awning, Veranda, it is an ideal solution for shading surfaces of width up to 7000 mm, and openings of 6000 mm (designed not to exceed 25-30 square-meters). Can be mounted on glass roofs, beam structures, summer gardens, porches or balconies - where is an appropriate sustaining structure, that can provide sustain for the longitudinal guiding rails. The great advantage over other wintergarden awning types is that it is not necessary to mount the guides on the side of the awning. The guides, mounted under the canvas having a distance of 200 - 1000 mm from the side of the awning, provides an increased mounting flexibility.
For technical reasons, the minimum angle is 15 degrees, keeping in mind the inevitable rains, and the possible water accumulations.
In order to obtain a bigger shaded area, multiple awnings can be mounted next to each other, with a a gap of maximum 15 cm between the sides.

The Tenda wintergarden awnings are intended especially for shading vertical or oblique glass surfaces, with a minimum 10ş tilt, with a rectangular shape of 30 m², but also for triangular shapes of maximum 9 m². It is an outdoor shading system with a canvas tension system, the primary profile sliding on a aluminum rail with the help of the side guides. For bigger surfaces there is the possibility of pairing two awnings together.

The Zen awnings are part of awnings intended for terraces and gardens, they are designed to shade large surfaces, ideal for residential use (gardens, terraces, pools), but also for restaurants, hotels, leisure centers, stores. These awnings can be mounted on wood, aluminum or steel structures, specially designed for every situation and they can be mounted vertical or horizontal.
The shaded surface can reach 7000 mm width and 7000 mm length, with a 500mm distance between the beams in open position; these beams can slide on two rails (up to 4500 mm width) or three rails. For shading bigger surfaces, we can put next to each other - on the opening position - multiple awnings.

No special maintenance is needed. The screen is manufactured from fiberglass, that withstands both sun rays during summer and frost during winter (during the winter the screen can remain on the window without deteriorating). The mounting of the screen into the frame is made with a rubber seal.
Intended for residential use on classic or termopan-styled windows, tilting windows, office windows, classrooms.
The constructive variants enable these rolling shutters to be adapted to almost any kind of situation met in the field. These are mounted in front of the carpentry, with visible case.

The constructive elements of the Antik® awnings are made of aluminum and steel, designed and made separately for every awning, combined with the innovative shear-armed configuration creates a highly wind-resistant structure for the awning. All the steel parts are painted in electrostatic chambers and the canvases can be chosen from a great variety of colors.
Regarding its construction we can distinguish two types of Antik®, the tent-type, that has independent structure, with self-supporting elements and reinforcements, and the wall-type, mountable on a wall with high resistance, using a special console designed according to the location and the needs of the owner.

The hinged insect screens are manufactured from extruded aluminum profiles, painted in electrostatic chambers, equipped with simple hinges or springs, with ergonomic handle and closing with clips.The brush seal is applied all along the frame for extra protection against insects.
Maximum dimensions: 1500 mm width and 2400 height.

The ergonomic, advanced construction type of rolling shutter. It is applicable where the depth of frame is greater than the width frame (165,180 and 205mm). Thus we have the possibility to isolate the front of the case, and it can be plastered and painted. In this way the case remains almost hidden and the architecture of the building remains intact even after the installation of the rolling shutters.

The standard wall winds are designed to protect against wind, mounted with shaft consoles, mountable on walls or on the ceiling. The PVC material is made of 0,5 mm or 0,8 mm thickness, with a 90% transparency. The tension of the material is made with the help of a steel cord attached at the sides of the material.
They are intended especially for terraces, gardens, but can also be used on flat balconies. They are very simple systems, thus they can be used in any season.
On demand, the PVC material can be replaced with canvas, that due to its type and color can also act as a decorative element.
Maximum dimensions: 5000 mm width and 3000 height, and 4000 mm height using canvas instead of PVC.

The casette insect screens are composed of a protection case, guiding rails equipped with brushes, fitting profiles - all manufactured from aluminum - and screen. The screen is folded on an aluminum shaft, that is equipped with a spring, that always holds the screen tensioned. These screens are highly efficient and discrete at the same time, in closed position they are almost invisible.
The casette insect screens maximum dimensions: for windows 1600 mm width and 1600 mm height, for one-side door openings 1100 mm width and 2500 mm height, and for two-way opening doors 2200 mm width and 2500 mm height.

When the rolling shutter is lifted, the rolling shutter is almost invisible, the appearance of the building will remain unchanged.
The installation of the rolling shutter is made together with the carpentry, in most cases during constructions.
The Keeper wind walls offers elevated protection against the wind, the material is guided by the guiding rails inside the aluminum profile, fixed with the Zip system, that prevents the materil from sliding out. The PVC Cristal material has 90% visibility, it does not blocks the view or the sun rays, creating a pleasant, warm and wind-proof environment.
The Keeper is a closed, quality aluminum made, easy to use, reliable system. Maximum dimension: 4000 mm width and 3000 mm height. The base color is RAL9016 white.

Their special construction creates a very tight closing point. Their proven long-term reliability, with little or no maintenance make them an ideal solution for your protection. The composition of the screen lacks tensioned elements, thus makes them safer to use, greater reliability and ease of use.
The Plisse screen frames are made of extruded aluminum, painted while by default, equipped with side rails, and threshold profile. The screen is made of gray fiberglass, that is sunlight and frost resistant, it folds to the sides.
Given by the dimensions it can have one-or two wings, opening and folding to the sides they occupy relatively little space.
Maximum dimensions: 2500 mm width and 2600 mm height.

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