Insect screens

No special maintenance is needed. The screen is manufactured from fiberglass, that withstands both sun rays during summer and frost during winter (during the winter the screen can remain on the window without deteriorating). The mounting of the screen into the frame is made with a rubber seal.
Intended for residential use on classic or termopan-styled windows, tilting windows, office windows, classrooms.
The hinged insect screens are manufactured from extruded aluminum profiles, painted in electrostatic chambers, equipped with simple hinges or springs, with ergonomic handle and closing with clips.The brush seal is applied all along the frame for extra protection against insects.
Maximum dimensions: 1500 mm width and 2400 height.

The casette insect screens are composed of a protection case, guiding rails equipped with brushes, fitting profiles - all manufactured from aluminum - and screen. The screen is folded on an aluminum shaft, that is equipped with a spring, that always holds the screen tensioned. These screens are highly efficient and discrete at the same time, in closed position they are almost invisible.
The casette insect screens maximum dimensions: for windows 1600 mm width and 1600 mm height, for one-side door openings 1100 mm width and 2500 mm height, and for two-way opening doors 2200 mm width and 2500 mm height.

Their special construction creates a very tight closing point. Their proven long-term reliability, with little or no maintenance make them an ideal solution for your protection. The composition of the screen lacks tensioned elements, thus makes them safer to use, greater reliability and ease of use.
The Plisse screen frames are made of extruded aluminum, painted while by default, equipped with side rails, and threshold profile. The screen is made of gray fiberglass, that is sunlight and frost resistant, it folds to the sides.
Given by the dimensions it can have one-or two wings, opening and folding to the sides they occupy relatively little space.
Maximum dimensions: 2500 mm width and 2600 mm height.

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