Facade blinds

A great variety of outdoor solar protection systems, modern and efficient solution for home windows, but also to over sized office glass surfaces and facades.
The outdoor blinds and Venetian blinds ensure optimum indoor climate and comfort, being a flexible and highly effective sun and sight screen solution
Due to their unique design they are fascinating elements for facade decoration, with which the insolation can be regulated individually. The most important advantage of these blinds is that the light and shade adjustment is made individually, thus blocks the view from outside, but not from inside out. They are wind resistant, have a long lifespan and they are an important factor in reduction of energy consumption at home and at the office.

The Hella facade blinds are made of special, very resistant material, that blocks sun rays but not the view. The high-quality components guarantee long life span and easy operation. They are suitable for monitor screen workstations, sports facilities or public buildings, offers perfect heat and anti glare protection due to reflection of the radiated heat in front of the facade.

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