It is a wide range of interior and exterior doors, characterized by satisfying all the needs imposed by modern constructions: flawless quality and design, high level of functionality, with high security levels and thermal-, sound-, fire  insulation values.
Zsozo distributes and installs a great variety of steel doors of both standard sizes and of special sizes in accordance to the demands. Due to the quality finish, these steel doors are adaptable to any type of architecture and building design.

The medical-pharmaceutical doors are special and very high quality doors, made for operation theaters and clean rooms, radiation rooms, requested by medical profile institutions.
The Metaflex sliding doors are specially designed for medical-pharmaceutical environments, they are made according to European standards, and approved by international hygiene standards (HACCP). 
The Metaficiänt type semi-hermetic doors are designed to be used in recovery rooms, reanimation room, patient waiting rooms. The Medicare models are fully hermetic doors, designed for operating theaters, preanesthetic rooms, pharmaceutical facilities, clean rooms, etc.

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