Steel confections

The swing gates are classical gates with one or two wings, made with steel structure, according to demands.Their reliability is guaranteed by ball bearing hinges, galvanized, which provides an easy operation too. The motorization of the gates increases user safety and comfort, and can be completed with accessories, such as remote controls, photocell sensors, light signaling, etc.

The self-supporting gates, executed with counterweight, do not need lower guide rail mounted in the foundation, thus the passage remains clear, free of obstacles. It can be made within large constructive limits, with different coatings (nets, corrugated sheets, vertical grids, boards or special coatings as needed) in accordance to the needs of the costumers.
The entire structure consists of supporting and guiding poles, guiding rails mounted on the countertop, guiding and sustaining rollers, supporting end-parts.
All types of self-supporting gates can be equipped with operators and they can be automatized.

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