Motors and controls

The motors are chosen from the famous manufacturer Somfy, with tubular configuration, specially designed to be positioned inside the shaft.
The control elements activate the tubular motors. The Somfy range includes a series of equipments, from simple wall buttons to mobile, wall-mountable remote controls.
The advanced models can be programmed based on different criteria: season, daily family program, etc.
The most advanced control system is made through centralized panel, with advanced program functions, with the possibility of connecting the functionality of different facade blinds.
In order to achieve maximum comfort, different sensors are needed, the most commonly used sensors are those for sun, light, warm, wind or programmable timers with calendar function and presence simulation function.
The choice and the combination of the three element (motors, controls, sensors) can create perfect systems, with maximum functionality, that make life easier and highlight the real advantages of the outdoor shading systems.

The well-known Gaviota company also provides solutions for rolling shutters, using tubular motors that are specially design to fit different shaft sizes. With the use of multi-chanel remote controllers, multiple rolling shutters can be used according to our needs. Adding addition sensors to the systems, improves the rolling shutters' safety and efficiency.
„Return home relaxed”, this is the principle, that stands at the base of the German Hörmann company regarding operators for residential use.
You can manipulate garage doors comfortably, quickly and regardless of the weather, with remote control from inside your car. Thanks to the advanced technology, the door opens and closes without noise.
Beside these aspects, the Hörmann doors equipped with Hörmann operators assures burglary protection, they are TÜV certified and in accordance with TTZ regulations.

Somfy provides complete solutions for automation – motors, sensors, remote controls – designed for garage doors. The experience in this field gained throughout decades is the guarantee, that the beneficiary gets a high quality, reliable and fine product.
Swing- and sliding gates operators, with incorporated radio receiver, offers a comfortable and quick access.
The strong points of Hörmann operators consists of compact case, height adjustable, manufactured from cast-aluminum and fiberglass reinforced PVC components, well-dimensioned, reliable electronic parts. The whole ensemble is designed to withstand weather conditions, extremely reliable and needs just a few maintenance maneuvers.

The Somfy motors with extremely high reliability, can function properly in different weather conditions (variable humidity and temperature), for long periods of time. Based on the weight of the gate and length of the rail, there are multiple types. The Somfy operators can be equipped with several sensors and accessories: photocells, warning lights, edge protection, etc. These increase the functionality of the product, rise the level of security and make easier its handling.
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